Over the years, we’ve sold more than 600 moguls and counting! Our customers include all the biggest brands in the candy industry, and we are glad to have played a part in their growth.

Your Experience Matters

We strive to help our customers save time and effort – so they can focus on building their business. See for yourself what they have said about their experience with us!*

If you want the best in quality cars, you buy a Rolls Royce, If you want the best in moguls, you buy NID.
– General Manager of a national confectionery company

That machine runs awesome, NID machines are awesome.
– Managing Director of a national confectionery company

…others have approached us regarding the supply of NID parts and equipment, but we are going to stay with NID
– Engineering Manager of global confectionery company

We appreciate this new way of working, we can tell the difference already
– Global Network Agent

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*Due to non-disclosure agreement, we are not able to mention the names of our customers.