M3000-MogulThe M3000 Mogul offers continuous high-speed production (32 – 35 trays per minute) and demoulding of high quality articles of any concept or idea. The “simplicity” of design makes this mogul one of the most user-friendly machines on the market. This Mogul offers the ultimate combination of productivity and versatility by fully integrating the Feeder, Starch section (Buck), Depositor, Stacker and pallet transport.

The M3000 accommodates a wide range of depositing pumps and suits a wide range of starch moulded articles no matter how complex or difficult to deposit. The M3000 can be equipped with one, two or three tray size depositing pumps in any configuration depending on product requirements.


For all starch moulded products such as:

Gums, Jellies, Marshmallows, Fondant Creams, Liquorice and Crusted Liqueur.

Product mass shapes and combinations include:

  • Side-by-side – 2 & 3 colour
  • Starlight – 2 & 3 colour
  • Centre-in-shell – 2 & 3 colour

All can have a layer of marshmallow or aerated overlay.


  • Continuously moving tray conveyors in Feeder and Stacker
  • Proven five-tray sub-stack system for ultra-smooth tray and stack transfer
  • Unique maintenance free (chainless) walking beam tray transport guarantees accurate tray placement for perfect printing, even at high speed
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Automation: fully-wired integrated electrical system with PLC and one-point touch screen for total process control