Laser Candy Cleaner


The NID Laser Candy Cleaner has been designed and developed specifically for the continuous cleaning of products with intricate surface patterns.

The Laser system employs air-operated, high-pressure rotary air-jets mounted above and below an open-weave wire belt.

This belt carries the product through the intense sweeping and cleaning action generated by the spinning air-jets.

Automatic Turbo Oiler


The NID Automatic Turbo Oiler provides continuous flow oiling and polishing for jelly and gum-based confectioneries.

The Turbo Oiler consists of a stainless steel drum that rotates to provide a gentle lifting and rolling action of the articles.

The Turbo Oiler comes equipped with its own electrical control panel that contains all the switchgear for the operation of the machine, including speed control and overload protection for the electric motor.

Turbo Sugar Coater


The fully integrated NID Turbo Sugar Coater is an automatic system for the continuous controlled sugar coating of starch moulded jelly and gum based confectionery. Well-proven and dependable, the Turbo Sugar Coater produces up to 3600 kg/hr to provide a perfect match for the modern NID Moguls.

Normally included in the scope of supply would be an Input Steaming Conveyor which receives demoulded articles from the Mogul and steams them prior to sugar coating.